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<b>Series title:</b> Rub me hard
<b>Author:</b> Ridiculously Romantic <lj site="livejournal.com" user="rromantic">
<b>Rating:</b> R, unsafe sex
<b>Beta: </b> <lj site="livejournal.com" user="wouldbedorothy">, you’ve got three wishes!
<b>Special kisses to:</b> <lj site="livejournal.com" user="arlad">, <lj site="livejournal.com" user="bluemchenkaffee">, <lj site="livejournal.com" user="purpleplanets">, <lj site="livejournal.com" user="starlightbj">, <lj site="livejournal.com" user="we_dreamerz">
<b>Disclaimer:</b> I’m just playing with Showtime and Cowlip’s boys, but all non-canon characters are mine.
<b>Summary:</b> Fantasy AU. First there was Ali Baba with his forty thieves, then Disney sent Aladdin to find the famous lamp, and now Justin finds his genie…
<b>WARNING:</b> I’m not anti-Michael, but I needed a powerful magician, and he fitted the robes perfectly. However don’t fear, he and Ben are guaranteed a happily ever after, same as Brian and Justin. Ethan, however… oh, and of course, there’s the unsafe sex warning. And magic. And ridiculously romantic smoochiness… Have I mentioned the raw fucking?

<b>Written for:</b> <lj site="livejournal.com" user="akintay">, this has been your story ever since I very fearfully dared share the idea, and first couple of paragraphs, with you waaay back on 15 February 2008 (your first feedback email still makes me tear up!). Since then you’ve cheered, threatened, begged, <b>*ded*</b> and ‘!!!!!!!!!!!’ non-stop, causing me to laugh and cry and keep going even when I couldn’t write anything else. Yours, my love. Forever and always.

| <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/100987.html>Prologue</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/106025.html>Chapter 1</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/108964.html>Chapter 2</a>|| <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/113415.html>Chapter 3</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/119070.html>Chapter 4</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/122373.html>Chapter 5</a> || Chapter 6 |

<lj-cut text="…he didn't like the idea of throwing Justin out like he usually did with a trick.">

<b>Author’s note:</b> <lj site="livejournal.com" user="6frog"> and <lj site="livejournal.com" user="brokeaholic">, you each get three wishes as well for not letting me give up…

<b><font size="5">Rub me hard</font>
<font size="4">Chapter 6</font></b>

<font size=”3”>“I heard a story about a Brian once.”

Justin chuckled when Brian flicked his tongue at his moving lips, his words barricading him from fucking Justin’s mouth, but didn’t back down, seemingly unaware of Brian’s lustful stare lingering on his dick.

“My mom used to tell it to me at night before I went to sleep-”

He shrugged, his head dropping in an attempt to hide his embarrassment at once again having made an incredibly juvenile comment. Brian immediately forgot about trying to redirect Justin’s line of thought, the sight of Justin blushing doing all sorts of unfamiliar things to his body. Delicious things. Things he wanted more of... a lot more.

“I mean, I overheard these two men talking at the bath house,” Justin rambled. “And I asked her about it. She wasn’t very happy, and forbade me to ever go into town again.”

That was a bit of an understatement. Of course, he had lied and told his mother he was at the market, but she was still mad. Justin couldn’t tell at the time what she was more angry about... him wandering around on his own, or her little boy's curiosity about raunchy sex tales. Men being with men sex tales.

He had tried to explain he was never in any danger. Beam had never let him out of his sight, and no one else had seen him. It had been part of the fun... staying out of the public eye, and creeping from dark corners to hidden alcoves to hot roof tops (which he most definitely didn’t tell Jennifer about!). His cheeks glowed a darker red when he realized he was babbling about stupid kid stuff. Fuck. Again.

“There once was this Sex God called Brian...” He quickly changed the subject, returning to what he actually meant to say.

A shiver of apprehension ran through Brian, and he clenched his jaw. There could be no doubt where this story was heading, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it that wouldn’t raise further suspicion. Justin was anything but stupid. If he hadn’t made the connection already between his miraculously healed head, a bath house tale about a Sex God named Brian, and another Brian with the reputation of being the best fuck in the Universe sitting next to him, he was bound to do so soon.

“The most beautiful man ever, completely irresistible.”

Still was.

“Being fucked by him was to taste Paradise-”

You fucking bet your ass it was.

“- and men came from everywhere-“

More like coming from Brian’s cock up their ass.

“-to worship him and beg to be fucked. But even though he had his choice of men, he never had a lover.”

Good, at least the lad knew that much already. It was going to make it a lot easier to kick him out. Involuntarily, Brian cringed at the thought... and then cringed some more when he realized he didn't like the idea of throwing Justin out like he usually did with a trick.

“Then one day he disappeared, vanished just like that,” Justin said, snapping his fingers to emphasize his point. “Without a trace.”

Fucking Michael.

“Rumour had it he had been turned down by someone, and in shame he fled, never fucked again, and eventually died of old age.”

Brian opened his mouth to protest about his unfounded demise and caught himself in the nick of time. No reason for Justin to find out any more than he already knew, or thought he knew.

“There were also those that believed he got bored and simply moved away.”

Now that was better, closer to the truth. He did leave for a while in his pre-genie days, but it would seem the rest of the Galaxy had progressed beyond indulging their most basic needs, and fucking for the sake of fucking was frowned upon in most societies. It limited the availability of hot asses beyond his point of endurance, so he returned to less-boring Earth.

“But then this wizard, Marid, started going around telling people he had challenged Brian to a duel, and he had won, and Brian had to hand all of his sex powers over to Marid.”

In spite of being offended at yet another twisted version of the truth, Brian had to snigger that Michael wasn’t important enough for his name to be remembered correctly in folklore. Or maybe it was just Justin, not considering Michael nearly as significant as Brian in the tale, and not bothering with getting such a small detail right. Brian liked that thought even more.

“Until it was discovered that Marid had cast a spell over Brian, and turned him into a genie when Brian refused to fuck him. I guess the wizard must have been really ugly, for Brian not to want his ass,” Justin smirked, and with great difficulty Brian kept from joining in. He definitely liked Justin's conclusion.

Justin fell silent, and in spite of himself, Brian was intrigued. “So which was it?”

Justin blinked at him, startled from his fantasies. ”No one knew for sure. The lamp disappeared, as did Marid. Supposedly, he went half-mad-“

Good. Fucker.

“-when he realized what he had done, and went off in search of the lamp. I don’t know if he ever found it. Brian was never seen again,” Justin said quietly. He had always thought the story incredibly romantic. Relaying it to Brian had reminded him of the many nights he’d lain awake, sure the tale was true and fantasizing about the beautiful Sex God. For endless hours, he would think about what he looked like, wondering where he was, dreaming of finding him and rescuing him and living happily ever after. He refused to accept that Brian… that… <i>Brian</i>…

With a sharp intake of breath, Justin flew upright and clutched Brian by the front of his shirt. His mouth opened and closed soundlessly. He was shivering by the time he finally managed to choke the words out.

“It’s you… you're Brian... shit…”

In spite of having expected the confrontation, Brian did not foresee the blue eyes melting into pure adoration. Not even he, cynical and arrogant and with his sneering ‘there is no such thing as love,’ could deny what he read on Justin’s face. Much, much more than just an admiring worshipper. Caught off balance, and with no idea what to do, he tried to pull away (where the fuck was Beam when he needed him?), but this only seemed to encourage Justin more.

He scrambled onto his knees, light fingers fluttering over Brian’s face in excitement. “It is you… Brian…” he whispered breathless.

Really breathless. Concerned, Brian took hold of Justin’s shoulders, impulsively wanting to shake him alive again, but the sparks flying from his hands did the job for him. Justin gasped, and more embarrassed than he had been in Brian’s presence up to now, sank back onto the bed.

“But then this…” Bewildered, he gestured around them. “I don’t understand? You’re supposed to be in a lamp somewhere. No one knows where you are.”

Brian rubbed the back of his neck, casting Justin an uncharacteristic plaintive look. “No one, except you and Lindsay… oh, and Beam,” he added, and pushed his irritation at the ginger furball away.

“About that-“ Justin started, and then interrupted himself. He would ask about Beam and Brian, and the Lindsay-person later. “So now you’re a genie as well? Not just a Sex God?”

Brian lay down next to Justin and folded his hands under his head as he stared up at the ceiling, frantically going through his options. Everything was not lost, yet. Justin still didn’t know where his lamp was, and without it, he couldn’t do much to Brian. Besides, it wasn’t as if he was ever going to see the Prince again after tonight. The thought somehow made Brian squirm with... fuck... guilt (who ever heard of having a fucking cat act as his conscience? No wonder he hadn't missed him at all), and quickly he parked it aside with the rest of his unwelcome stirred musings about Beam.

“Yes,” he answered simply.

“And you’re Brian, <I>the</i> Brian, the…” Justin trailed off, not able to bring himself to say ‘Sex God’ again in fear of coming right there. His hero, his every fantasy, right here, very much in the flesh.

Brian must have been reading his mind, since he turned on his side, and with a lopsided grin, stroked Justin’s cheek. The sparks didn’t surprise either of them anymore. “Yes.”

“Then this…” Tentatively, Justin touched his own temple.


“What happens now?”

Brian hesitated only a moment, and then braced himself. After all, it wasn't like Justin meant anything. Neither did the most amazing sex he'd had in a very, very long time. Maybe in forever. Though maybe the fucking irritating blue sparks did. “Now you go home.”


| <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/100987.html>Prologue</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/106025.html>Chapter 1</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/108964.html>Chapter 2</a>|| <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/113415.html>Chapter 3</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/119070.html>Chapter 4</a> || <a href=http://rromantic.livejournal.com/122373.html>Chapter 5</a> || Chapter 6 |


Date: 2009-04-26 10:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] koishii-hime.livejournal.com

You and your cliffhangers! >( I do adore that Justin figures it out and the whole "finding" of the lamp means nothing to him except that Brain should be in it right? while Brain is all like OH SHI- MUST KEEP LAMP SAFE.

...I totally bet Justin does find it and sets Brian freeeeee though. :D ♥♥♥♥♥ RIGHT. RIIIIIIIGHT?

Date: 2009-04-26 10:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rromantic.livejournal.com
:D :D :D

uhm... 42??? :D

♥ RR ♥

Date: 2009-04-26 10:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] koishii-hime.livejournal.com
..i will take that as a yes. :DDDD


Date: 2009-04-26 10:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rromantic.livejournal.com

you do that... :D go dream in techno-colour, and send me a report! :D

Date: 2009-04-26 10:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] akintay.livejournal.com

Justin's such a smart one! And the ending, Brian being in denial and trying to send Justin away is so damn typical. Now write more, hon ;-)

Date: 2009-04-26 10:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rromantic.livejournal.com
"Now write more, hon ;-)"

...woman, where art thou?????


check your inbox... *begs*


Date: 2009-04-26 10:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] akintay.livejournal.com
I just did and was about to reply :) I'll have a look at them as soon as I can, need to take care of some stuff first.

(also, the new stove I got? same fucking problem, only no smoke and explosions this time, but my fuse blew three times yesterday when I turned it on, so now I can't cook again - and I don't really have much to eat otherwise and since it's Sunday the stores are all closed. YAY.)

Date: 2009-04-26 10:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rromantic.livejournal.com
really? the stores are actually closed on a Sunday? I'm saying 'actually' because it used to be like that yeeears ago over here.

ACK!! the Stove Monster is back???!!!!

Date: 2009-04-26 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] akintay.livejournal.com
Nothing is open here on Sundays apart from cafés and for a couple hours in the morning a few bakeries. :(

Date: 2009-04-26 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] force-oblique.livejournal.com
I love the banner! lol

Date: 2009-04-28 05:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rromantic.livejournal.com
isn't it just brilliant???

*pets the pretty*

♥ RR ♥

Date: 2009-04-26 12:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 6frog.livejournal.com
“Now you go home”, yeah that has always worked so well with Justin... I delighted to say.

I love this story, Beam is one of my heroes. And I love that Brian is already finding ambivalent about Justin.

Love from 6frog

Date: 2009-04-26 09:41 pm (UTC)
ext_152815: (Default)
From: [identity profile] trintiff.livejournal.com
I was just about to say that ... "Now you go home" ha ha ha ha!! Yeah, right! I hope Justin starts laughing in his face! :) :) :)

Love this story RR!!!! Gets better with every chapter!


Date: 2009-04-26 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] malyntine.livejournal.com
Omg what a heartbreaker! But we all know Brian's a big old softie (not literally, of course, nothing old or uh soft about Brian) at heart *grins*.

Date: 2009-04-26 03:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mira986.livejournal.com
Do you know how much I love this story? Like, really, really, really LOVE this story? So much!!! ♥

Brian... how can he always ignore his inner voice and his feelings? Oh yeah, so that we can be frustrated when he sends Justin away. But then again, Justin always comes back, or, in some cases, Brian gets him to come back.

Great chapter! I love how Justin told him the story about The Sex God Brian, and how he figured out that his Brian is that Brian. You know what I mean? Of course you do.

Now, all you gotta do is write more. ;) Make us all happy. :)

*blaas vir jou soentjies*


Date: 2009-04-26 06:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bluemchenkaffee.livejournal.com
Squee! A new chapter!
And such an evil cliffhanger!
I love that Justin figured out who Brian is.

Can't wait for more.


Date: 2009-04-26 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] backroomvisitor.livejournal.com
I´m so happy that you finally found the time to update this wonderful story. I´m looking forward to the next one.
Hugs, Sunny

Date: 2009-04-26 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] camjakefan.livejournal.com
Why is Brian resisting he shouldn't send Justin home.

Date: 2009-04-27 01:37 am (UTC)
ext_56523: (Default)
From: [identity profile] brokeaholic.livejournal.com

I got so excited when I seen that you updated and now I'm left hanging with anticipation, YOU ARE EVIL...... OK, I hate love it when you do that.

Date: 2009-04-27 03:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sjmpets.livejournal.com
“Now you go home.”

“Now you go home.”! does he really want that? i am stunned.

Date: 2009-04-27 04:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] irishlass76.livejournal.com
So last time I wrote that I was a little confused with this story...I re-read it and it makes more sense to me now, so forgive me for my blonde moment of not comprehending things. :P
Now... Brian don't be stupid! You want Justin,just admit you stubborn ass! lol
A couple of questions...How exactly does Brian getting free of the lamp work? Justin has to find the lamp and then he's Brian's master? And they are actually inside the lamp right now, or the cave? Ok so maybe I'm still a little confused, but I assure you it's just me, and nothing to do with you fantastic writing abilities. ;)

Great chapter, can't wait for more!


Date: 2009-04-27 11:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kika-k.livejournal.com
Go home??? Naaa! :)
Not Justin!


Date: 2009-04-28 01:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lucsmom.livejournal.com
That's an evil ending!

Brian doesn't really think Justin is going to go home that easily. Justin is smart, figuring out who Brian is, and he isn't going to go very quietly. Brian needs to listen to those sparks.


Date: 2009-04-28 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spike7451.livejournal.com
Love the banner. :D :D

Isn't Justin a smart little cookie. And Brian should listen to the sparks. :) Like Justin is going to go home, not happening.

Sorry I'm so behind in reading, RL has been soooo busy the last week.

Date: 2009-04-28 07:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kinwad.livejournal.com
Oh, what a wonderful update!

“- and men came from everywhere-
More like coming from Brian’s cock up their ass." LOL!

Oh, but the ending, "Now you go home."

*sigh* pls. update soon!


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