Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Thanks to everyone who has already replied to my request for the translation into your language for some frequently LJ-words - well, ones I used frequently.

Have a lookie here for the current list - I've also added the link to my journal, 'cause from now on I want to SQUEE in:

- German
- Norwegian
- Hungarian
- New England slang (which is just WICKED!)
- Greek (eeep!! have a look at the prettiest little letters!)
- Croatian
- Romanian
- Spanish
- Dutch

However... *blushes* it pains me to admit this, that I have forgotten the most important words of all: 'thank you' and ‘please’


Thank you - 'dankie' (thank you) or 'dankie baie!' (informal) or 'baie dankie!'(thank you very much!)
Please - 'asseblief' or 'pretty please' (informal) would be 'seblief?'

Apologies to everyone for having to comment again, but... seblief??

Then... where is my Italian and French girls?????? *feels neglected - tears up* I haven't had any Italian or French replies... *bawls*

one of the ways to convey strong emotions in Afrikaans )
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OMG, I'm SO excited!!!!

thank you to everyone who has replied to my request for the translations of frequently used LJ-words in your language!

*blaas vir almal 'n soentjie*

I've sorted through all the comments on my posts, and arranged them by language - each language is under a different LJ-cut. this will hopefully make it easier to find whatever language you're looking for at first glance.

...because of course now all of you will refer back to this post all the time so you can love the girls in their own language, with the pretty squiggly letters where applicable - you can just copy and paste them. :D

*very pleased with self*

Afrikaans )

Dutch )

German )

Norwegian )

Hungarian )

New England slang )

Greek )

Croatian )

Romanian )

Hispanic )

Spanish )

Italian )

Southern-sims )

Finnish )

Maori )

French )

Flemish )

Turkish )

Polish )

You're welcome to reply to this post if I got anything wrong, or you want to add something. I'll update! :D


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