May. 14th, 2009

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Series title: Blame it on Beijing
Heat: #40
Author: [ profile] rromantic
Beta: Gold to [ profile] akintay!!
Summary: Leo Brown is sponsoring the American Olympic team, and is attending the Olympic Games with them. He has asked Brian along for the trip since he will also be using the opportunity to see potential clients, and therefore needs Brian's brilliance. Justin was too busy to join them, but changed his mind after talking to a very lonely Brian on Friday, 8 August, the opening night of the Olympics.

Author orgy challenge at [ profile] queensoftarts: Fics written by [ profile] akintay, [ profile] rromantic, and [ profile] we_dreamerz will be posted at [ profile] bj_fuckalympics (open membership), with the focus on Brian and Justin's time together in China. Each chapter is called a 'heat' in honor of the South African men's swimming team - the hottest and best swimmers in the world! You GO boys!

Warning: Of course the series is R-rated, funny and smoochy with a 'happily ever after' guaranteed.
Timeline: Roughly three years post S5, from the opening night of the Olympics, until they return to the USA (whenever our muses decide that may be).
Disclaimer: Brian and Justin and all Queer as Folk characters are owned by Showtime and Cowlip. The authors do not know any of the athletes. Places and people mentioned, and the Olympic Games, are used for fiction purposes only. No offense is intended.

| Giggle #1 || Giggle #2 || Giggle #3 |

| Previous heats || Heat #31 || Heat #32 || Heat #33 || Heat #34 || Heat #35 || Heat #36 || Heat #37 || Heat #38 || Heat #39 || Heat #40 |

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