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Birthdate:Sep 30
It's been more than a year since I watched my first Queer as folk episode, and almost as long since joining the various fandoms and meeting beautiful people that are almost as obsessed as I am!

I love reading fanfic, and I love writing fanfic even more, at the moment just Brian/Justin. I also adore abusing my LJ to tell you all about my life, my universe and just about everything. However, you do have the choice of being spammed with notifications that I have updated my journal.

I’ve got groupings set up on my LJ. I don’t have a problem with people I don’t know being able to read the brilliant accounts of my real life, but I don’t assume everyone that adds me to their flist wants to be overwhelmed with the details – hence the groupings settings.

If you want to know about my personal life, such as my real life reports of all the beautiful, awesomely hot, young gay guys I know and everything they get up to, you need to let me know so I can add you to my rr_secrets group.

And if you’ve by now read all the ‘My Gay Boy Chronicles’ you can stand, and would like to please just never have access to another entry again, that’s okay. I most definitely won’t blame you for leaving my tree house before you do go completely mad!

Just send me a PM, and I’ll do a members reshuffle on my groups.

You're welcome to friend me, I'll always friend you back if you are not a minor, and only if there is a DOB in your user info page. I thoroughly enjoy reading what my fellow fans do in their part of the world, but please note that I am on dial-up internet connection, and it's more fucked than working. I will do my best to reply to feedback on my fics even though it may take a while, and as far as possible also on your personal entries.

*on my knees* please don't let that stop you from commenting either on my personal journal (I LOVE the interaction!), or on my fics - I have no problem admitting how much I love knowing someone else besides my cat read whatever the 42 voices in my head instructed me to write. I write as much for the fandom's enjoyment, as I do for myself, and I hope whatever of mine crosses your path will make you smile.

Links to my fanfic, both completed and WIP, are on my LJ user page.

Oh, yes and: I never, ever, ever, EVER write death!fics, or anything that BJ are not together, or doesn't have a 'and they live happily until my next fic in which they will be even more happy' end. I can also guarantee it will ALWAYS be ridiculously romantic.

THIS LJ CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT IS ADULT ORIENTED. If you're under 18, please go away until you're legal...thanks!
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