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...you remember this? :)

"My dearest Anna,

It has been 42 days now since I last saw you, 42 days of laying awake at night, wondering what you're doing, whether you're still thinking about me? 42 days of listening to gunfire and shouts and cries from what feels like just a couple of meters away..."

:)) was thinking of one of your emails starting so very formally with my name, 'cause you wanted to see what it looks like. And somehow remembering your salutation (that the word?) made me think of war and letters from the battlefields of long ago, as your name is just perfectly romantic for one of those! Very weird, actually, because I hate war movies with a passion, anything that shows people and animals in agony and grief freaks me out. Oh, we will have to, of course, make it a boy-to-boy correspondence! My name is okay, it can double up for male (we'll just remove the "é"), but we'll have to find you a new one... "

So it just seems fitting to hand you your present as follows:

"My dearest Anna,

You are hereby cordially invited to please join me at [livejournal.com profile] wet_dreams4anna. Your VIP pass will be waiting for you here.

Can't wait to be with you again.

Yours always."
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apparently Beam told the world I get ridiculously happy at a full inbox, and more than hint that I should be flooded with emails to try and cheer me up during my dark days.

[livejournal.com profile] akintay, delightful little thing that she is, wrote me a BJ-non-drabble over the weekend, to try and convince me (and BJ) that a power outages is not a bad thing.

love you, hon, thanks for thinking about me, and writing me a present!!! OMG, I love getting BJ stuff!!!! LOL

*smooches you*

The Positive Aspect of a Power Outage )


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