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eish... yikes... genugtig... goeie bliksem!!!

I had NO idea I'm that far behind on comments!

public holiday this side, and I'm parked in front of my laptop with every intention of catching up today, write a bit... all-in-all, be the perfect LJ girl. :D

so gimme a bit... I'm working on the comments on my fics and personal posts, promise!

♥ RR ♥
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Shit… let’s not hope that announcement’s too premature, and that my plan for spring-boarding back to my sanity will work!!

The idea: combining my two obsessions namely hanging out in the most brilliant Café in the world, Tribeca, and doing so with my boys! Which means I can write about my own experiences at Tribeca with them being the focus point, right where they should be!

Consequently, with the help of [ profile] akintay, [ profile] come_back4me, [ profile] starlightbj, [ profile] we_dreamerz, [ profile] wouldbedorothy and everyone of you beautiful, awesome, awesome ladies who haven’t given up on me, and told me on almost a daily basis that you miss me, and you miss my writing, and you worry about where I went and how I’m not quuuuite doing too well in RL, we’ve created [ profile] faggalicious_bj!

It’s an open community, but you don’t have to join since all the fics will be posted on my own journal, and all the communities such as [ profile] bjfic as well. It’s just to keep things ordered, and all the Tribeca stories together.

Also, SUPER-DUPER IMPORTANT: [ profile] faggalicious will be multi-fandom, as well as original fics (because [ profile] come_back4me writes only from his own fucking love-life experiences - check out his journal...). The only ‘rule’ is that everything must link with Tribeca somehow, but as always, since it’s me, there is NO restriction on the hotness, porniness, and above all, it being ridiculously romantic!

As for my other series, such as [ profile] bj_fuckalympics, please be patient? Just gimme a bit of time to get back into this writing-thing by practicing with [ profile] faggalicious, and I’ll start wrapping up on the other stuff as soon as possible.

RUB ME HARD: Chapter 5 has been send for beta, but there’s some… shall we say logistical problems which might delay posting it this weekend. But just so you know the next bit is up and coming, and it is the hotness promised for 4 chapters!

Thanks again so, so, SO much for all your love and support, especially in the feedback on Coffee art, which I posted with great apprehension.

[ profile] turtletwins, you beautiful thing, you!!!! Dankie, dankie, DANKIE for my hot chocolate, it was just BRILLIANT!!! ROFL

*blaas vir almal soentjies*

♥ RR ♥
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Because I'm too lazy to do it myself.

Anyone know where I can find any *puddles* icons from 510's 'I love you'?

As in... *coughs* please give me the url... not just the community name... Uhm... I mentioned the lazy-thing, right?
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Anyone on my flist that can tell me what the following means?

prendere o lasciare cosa? non lo so à solo un'alchimia o forse una bugia quello che mi hai ditto à andato via.
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Now why I didn't think of this a long time ago...

See, I've not been completely AWOL from LJ. I've been keeping an eye on my flist postings, but I very rarely comment because... well, frankly, I don't know how to say what I feel or think. :((

I'm all out of words. :(( Which is of course also why I haven't been writing. :( No matter how terribly, horribly guilty I feel about all my unfinished series, there is just nothing. I don't know how to write anything other than business emails, short text and IM messages. :( And the odd personal post.

But that is not an excuse not to let my beautiful flist know I am still very much interest in how they're doing, or give the writers a bit of encouragement in telling them I'm still following along on their fics.

So instead of doing nothing, I'll now be posting little :) and :D and *hugs* etc. all over the place just to tell you I'm thinking of you and I adore your fic!

That ok? Still love me?
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What I know about sports is dangerous. I grew up in a family that only knows what time the big rugby and cricket games are played, and where, to make sure we stay out of the vicinity.

I. Don't. DO. Sports. Not if being a sports enthusiast means you will put everything else in your life on hold to watch whatever big event is happening somewhere in the world.

And now, suddenly... I'm glued to the television. For the first time in... maybe actually forever, I'm reading the sports pages.

Why? Because Brian and Justin are in Beijing, and all I'm thinking about is what are the boys doing? Are they watching the swimming/diving/volleyball/javelin? Did they plan to watch it, and ran late because Brian just HAD to fuck Justin's brains out first? And I’m especially interested in the completely irrelevant things like can you imagine how many cameras there must be, and where are they mounted, to get coverage from every possible angle? Even underwater…

Oh, boy, I'm having the time of my life!!! :)) No idea who's winning what, which country has the most medals at the moment, but I CAN tell you a lot of strange antidotes from behind the scenes. :D

And in the process... OMG... have you SEEN these guys????? So many hard, beautiful bodies??

Which brings me to an extremely important question, and maybe it's just because the swimmers are wearing those weird little moon-fashion suits of theirs that hides their bodies, but has anyone else notice the athletes are actually better built than the swimmers?

I've just watched the men's 100 m sprint (yip, it will be mentioned in BioB...) and OMG, I nearly DIED!!!!!!!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ARMS???? But why? I would expect their legs would be awesome, but their upper bodies are just... just... *pets a salivating Brian and Justin* Yip, sorry to the Michael Phelps girls, but the two Jamaicans who has just qualified for the 100 meters are… shall we say very worthy of Brian and Justin’s attention? >:)

Okay. So. Help me out here. Is it just that I haven't seen proper pictures of the swimmers? I did watch the events, and of course paid very close attention to the important things like muscle tone, but none of them made my mouth drop like the sprinters just did.

Or maybe I'm just still on a high after having just written my lovely [ profile] sexy_pumpkin a little something to cheer her up. ;-)
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OMG... I am SO far behind on replying to comments left on my fics, and personal posts, and other people's fics, from the last three weeks - it feels like 'Please come' all over again (which... OMG... I haven't even replied to all of those yet!!!).

And all because I'm an obsessive, compulsive poster! :(( I've got NO patience whatsoever. The moment I get the go ahead from my beautiful girls [ profile] akintay and [ profile] wouldbedorothy, I just have to get the thing out there. I'm having sleepless nights about 'Blame it on Beijing' because it is definitely going to be another 'Please come.' Fast and crazy and a writing-frenzy! ...I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!! *giggles madly*

So please... forgive me... I'm going to get around to it, I promise! Before the end of 2008! As always my biggest fear is for someone to stop commenting because they think I don't read the comments in any case, since I don't reply.

NOTHING could be further from the truth! *grovels for petting*

I'm disabling comments on this post, then you don't have to feel obligated to comment. LOL This was just to let everyone know thank you, I love and adore that you take the time to tell me you're reading my ficcies!
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Oh, happy obsession day for ME!!!!

On Friday, 17 August 2007, I picked up my Queer as Folk S1 DVD set from the post office and… my life changed. I didn’t sleep that weekend, and went to pieces when I got to 122 on the Sunday night. I don’t think I’ve ever surfed the internet as frantically as I did that day, trying to get info on S2, while bawling about the most beautiful, ridiculously romantic moment in the history of love stories turning to shit, and not having any idea whether everything will be alright.

S2 and S3 only arrived on 10 September 2007, and I sort of got a bit of my sanity back while watching it, but of course only lost more of my heart in the process.

And now, a couple of days away from having met Brian and Justin exactly a year ago, I’m more in love than ever, and there’s no sign of un-obsessing.

I've even taken two days leave to celebrate, on 18 and 19 August, which I will of course spend overdosing on watching my favorite episodes, and working on my stories. Probably the 'Blame it on Beijing' series.

So, pressies for me!!!!!!!! Please? GIMME!! Write, or make, me some smoochy, ridiculously romantic hot-hot-hot happiness? Pretty please?
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Thingy #13 of my ‘Please come’ series is a couple of days overdue… So I took leave for tomorrow, and now have three days to wrap up and try and finish as many of my fics as possible, and catch up on 'Please come' comments! Yeah, 72 hours BJ!!!

Just a liiiiittle more patience, and hopefully I’ll post up to thingy #16, Daphne’s birthday party, this weekend!

As for thingy #13. Brian and Justin is at Kinnetik at the moment, Brian’s second choice of a public place to fuck Justin, and so far they’ve made it to the floor, and Brian’s got his fingers up Justin’s ass.

And after that, still to come: Brian’s third choice of fuck-venue, and Justin rimming him.
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To my awesome flist,

I don't think I've ever been this far behind on replying to comments on my fics!!

Please forgive me, and please don’t stop - I read and memorize every one left at every ‘Please come’ post!!!!

I've never written and posted at least one fic-something a day, and it’s a helluvalot of pressure if you're trying to stick to the self-imposed ‘deadlines’ while also hoping each impromptu inspiration will be cute and hot and funny and sweet and perfect and non-repetitive enough to be a good birthday present for your beta (I really didn’t quite think this through…), and make her smile and not grimace on a regular basis for the next week! Have I mentioned [ profile] wouldbedorothy's turning 30? It’s a fucking big deal!!!!

To everyone that’s been commenting, my nails say ‘thank you!!!!’ - each reported giggle makes me chew them less, not to even mention how much I appreciate the IC ones!! And if it gets you a bit hot and bothered… yeah, baby!! Success!!!! Since I know how high the standard for some of you porn-addict ladies is… *wicked grin*

I’m trying to catch up on the comments, and on my other fics (uhm… hand’s up again, who did I promise what by when?), and reading and commenting on other people’s masterpieces, and RL’s kicking my ass HARD – in the dark, I might add, since we’re back on power load shedding, and will be bi-daily for the next three fucking months!!) – but it’s all GGGOOODDD, because I’m having the time of my life writing the little ‘Please come’ thingies, which is why I go ‘AAAWWWWWWW!!!!’ at every single comment!!!

Please don’t stop just because you haven’t received a reply from me yet!

[ profile] akintay, love, you’re keeper of my sanity, and I absolutely adore you! Would have kissed you if the fucking power didn’t just go out and I got blinded by a suddenly too bright laptop screen. Yeah, I’m without power at the office, I can WRITE and not work with a good excuse. *cuddles laptop and cell phone batteries*

*blows kisses in the general direction of the rest of flist since hands are lost in darkness*
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I don’t get it. I really don’t.

My dad called. He knows how much this kind of thing freaks me out, and yet he just had to fucking tell me that my sister’s cat, Da Vinci, a long-hair ginger beauty, was diagnosed with cat leukaemia yesterday and… uhm… well… yeah, he’s at home, and he’s miserable, and uhm… nope, Doc’s not very optimistic.

My sister’s crushed, and I’m fucking heart-broken.

*clings to Patatie and Beam*

Please, make it better... make it go away... pleasepleaseplease.

It was a good Tuesday, until about an hour ago.
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Friday. 10:56, 5 hours and 4 minutes then I’m officially on weekend. Problem is, I’ve got NO interest whatsoever in working until then (neither do my colleagues, not helping). Over and above this writing itch I’ve been having all week (just itching to write, didn’t manage to actually do much writing :( ), I’ve been stumbling about with a migraine threat since Wednesday night. I do NOT enjoy feeling shitty, and at the same time deal with difficult clients and year-end budgets.

I’ve got pills for it, and I really, really, REALLY WANT one, because apart from taking the pain away they make me chill and send me floating and disconnect all my logic parts and flood my brain with all sorts of wonderfully weird and creative stuff. Fuck, I could get used to that… which, yes, I recognize might be a problem, so I’ve been doing my best to avoid having to take one.

Thing is, this headache is not getting any better, and my to do list is not ticking itself off.

Fuck that, where’s my little bottle of pills!!!
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I know there’s quite a couple of people on my flist that’s as much in love with creating banners and icons as I am with writing fics.

I need/want/would be great to have a banner and an icon for my fic. I’ve been walking for days now wondering how to go about it, should I ask each of you individually and run the risk of making you feel like I’m putting pressure on for a MUST do it? :-) Or rather do an open post, and those of you that want to, and have the time can help?

I’ve got about 5 chapters left in my Purr-fect love story. The next chapter focuses on the “go take a shower” scene at the end of 219, in which I’m trying to show that Brian wasn’t a total shit as it appears at first “watch”, because I just can’t except it. :-) Justin had his part as well. But it’s all good, I promise. I won’t play favourites, and it will be ridiculously romantic and fabulously hot.

Apart from anything else happening in that scene, it has some of the most intense, beautiful facial expressions of both of them, and I would adore an icon and/or banner? And it doesn’t have to be just one, either. We can change it with each chapter, should more than one person decide to jump in and try their hand at this. If you don’t want to do chapter 10, but are interested, let me know? I can tell you about the remaining chapters, maybe you’d like one of those.

The next chapter, 10, won’t be ready for beta before the weekend, so there is at least a week left before it can be posted (sorry [ profile] sexy_pumpkin and [ profile] we_dreamerz), I know you have been waiting forever!!!!)

Oh, and by the way! Justin’s almost done with his drawing of Beam!!! Thumpa and I thought the last version was brilliant, but Beam turned it down with a long list of complaints, so we’re still waiting. We can use it in the banners and icons as well, when I get it.

Help? Anyone?

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Oh, you beautiful thing you!!!! I simply ADORE the vgift thingies, so you definitely made my day way more than Beam and Thumpa or any of my other 42 voices does yours! ;-)

*gobbles tasty treats*Tank *chews*, hun- *grabs more treats*-ey, love my… eeehhhh… uhm… lovED my tasty treats!!!!

*grabs you and covers you with chocolate kisses*
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The powers that be decided that the housing complex where I live needs a face lift, and either they paint the outside for me, or I do it myself. If they do it I have to pay for it, which is fine. I do, however, have a huge problem with strange people trampling my garden and forcing me to lock my cat up for the day to allow them free reign.

Hence plan B. Do it myself. Except I’m not Beam and I don’t do heights. Or roofs. Or anything requiring a ladder of any kind, or lifting my feet higher than my knees, including gym activities. It’s a principle thing.

Plan C. Do lunch on a Friday with your mom for the 4th time in 3 months (she’s been marking her calendar), and moan and bitch about the terror threatening your domestic life in an effort to avoid all the awkward subjects like “so why the fuck don’t you call, answer your phone, or at least send me a text message on how you’re doing. Even a fucking email would be better than you disappearing for weeks!” Well, okay, no, she wouldn’t say that. My mom doesn’t swear. If she does, it’s in socially-acceptable Afrikaans, and it’s quite cute. But the rest of it is verbatim.

Mom also knows everyone who’s ever need a job, of any kind, so a painter she recommends I can live with. The arrangement were made for this coming Thursday, but then we had to move it to tomorrow at the last minute.

From what I’ve chatted with some of you, it sounds like [ profile] purpleplanets and me are the only ones completely BJ-closeted. It’s not that my family will lock me up somewhere without any electricity (yes, these days that is just about anywhere in SA), forcing me to never, ever, EVER be able to do anything remotely BJ-ish again, it’s the “chats” which will follow them discovering my little obsession I fear.

It’s not about me being right, and them being wrong. We just see beauty in different things.

Operation Hide QaF was therefore forced on me, because mom is also awesome enough to insist to help lend a hand around the house a bit, since she has to bring my painter in any case. So I’m going to go to work tomorrow, and she’s going to chase spiders all over my humble abode (I bought a new broom for the occasion!).

I have checked each disc, of every season to make sure they are all accounted for. I checked and double checked the inside of each of my QaF soundtrack and Club Babylon CDs. I finally managed to track down the third book in my mess of study, and in the process went *squee!!* over fanfiction print-outs I thought I’d lost in the mountain of paper on my table. I almost overlooked the file I put together in my pre-useless-for-anything-but-BJ days, containing neatly sorted stories. I went cold when I remembered I had little notebooks and masterpieces-in-progress and scribbled ideas and pens at the ready scattered all over the place, including the bathroom, between the couch cushions and under my pillow.

But I think I’ve now tracked down all my treasures, and they’re neatly stacked into two shopping backs, ready to take up residency for a couple of hours in the back of my car.

Ssshhhhiiitttt, I hope I’ve got everything… it’s the papers I’m most worried about, those could have found their way into and under anything.

Exhausting work, playing hide and seek with BJ all over the house!

What’s left? The dishes… the laundry… the heap of un-ironed clothes strewn in my living room…

But hey, BJ is safe. That’s all that matters.


PS: ANYTHING, ANYWHERE you think I might have missed?!
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I was tagged by [ profile] sexy_pumpkin AND [ profile] akintay, guess I had better answer!

List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

1. Brian (omg... can there be anyone else?!)
2. Brian (oh *puddles* watched him last night again flirting with the bank clerk in S1, ooohhh, those come-here-I'm-going-to-fuck-your-brains-out eyes...)
3. Brian (*forces self to breathe*)
4. Martha Jones (from TW S2 – OMG, have you had a LOOK at this woman?! Fucking gorgeous!!!)
5. Logan (Dark Angel, like… guh… have you seen his eyes??!!)
6. Jack or Ianto or Jack or Ianto… okay, I’ll take both! (have you seen Jack's eyes?!! uuhhh... and that smile... all dimples...))
7. Blake (Ted’s Blake – maybe not so much get serious in bed, as just go aaawwww at him, his just too cute for words, and he has THE most beautiful eyes!! does Emmett, and Ben!!!!)
8. Sean Connery as James Bond (ohboyohoboyohoboy!!)
9. Gibbs from NCIS (have you seen his eyes?! lol)
10. Hugh Grant as Prime Minister in Love Actually (I can just gobble him up!!! And… have you seen his eyes?!! LOL)

No tagging, as always I'm far behind on this meme, sure everyone has been asked already.
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The sound of all 42 voices in my head going “SQUEE!!! It’s weekend, we can drive her insane without any work interruptions!” And then they grab the hands they don’t have and start dancing wildly in one big circle, around and around and around and…

Consequently I’m now on my way to feed the fuckers a sleeping pill, and hope that tomorrow morning I’ll discover my memory of the lunch from hell with my mom this afternoon is just me queening. Yeah. Right.

The plan is to do as little RL as possible, for as long as possible tomorrow, so I should be able to finally catch up on my emails, LJ, your comments to my posts from the past week, reading fics, and oh pleasepleaseplease be whateverthefuck it is I need to be to work on my fics.

Shit, I fucking hate RL.
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Here's the deal: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you. Continue this game by sending this to other people.

I was tagged by [ profile] furriboots

I tag: [ profile] purpleplanets, [ profile] dana_serenity, [ profile] emily_sheppard, [ profile] ladybugkay, [ profile] qafmaniac, [ profile] vozdeunangel, [ profile] bluemchenkaffee, [ profile] spike7451

Hope I managed to get people that’s not been tagged yet? Haven’t been able to keep up with all the posts, definitely can’t remember who’s been tagged already.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about me )
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Goeie bliksem… Speechless… I’m on-line, as in actually able to open LJ journals for almost the first time in 4 months, and not waiting hours for them to do so either!!! Whatever my internet service provider did throughout the course of yesterday, high fucking time, but THANK YOU!! (Touch wood…)

I have been cruising LJ for a couple of hours now, quite high on the intense pleasure of being able to catch up on what I’ve missed!!

I worked through my inbox from newest notifications first, tried to read and comment on as much as possible. If I didn’t get to yours – please forgive me!!! I’m behind on at least 42 000 emails as well, and I want to try and get to them now.

Of course, then there’s also my own fic, which I very optimistically planned to work on from 3:00 am this morning. Didn’t quite turn out that way, and I will have to get around to that asap. My bubbly-themed fic for the challenge at [ profile] boys4all isn’t coming along that well… not coming at all.

Love you, flist!!! Thanks for all the comments, and keeping me entertained with chatting on my LJ, irrespective of whether I reply or not. Most of those (LJ’s been fucking up on some of my notifications) I get by email, so I do follow the conversations, even with limited internet access.

*happy hugs*
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I've been looking for "Parce Mihi Domine," the song playing at the end of S122, for ages. finally got it.

thought I'd listen to it in an effort to get into my S2 fic.

oh, holy fuck... I'm crying harder than I do when watching the episode.

guess that means mission accomplish, but how I ever thought I'll be able to handle it...

if a piece of my heart comes flying past you, please catch and just keep it safe for a moment, okay? I'll be along shortly to pick it up, just need to find some glue first.


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