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To one of the most brilliant writers in the fandom, and an exceptionally special person...

Yours were the first BJ fiction I ever read, and you were my first friend on LJ. :) Since then you have become so, so much more than just a beta!! You, like few others, have been putting up with my queening for more than a year, day and night, never losing patience, or tell me to go fuck myself for being a shit! LOL

May you get absolutely everything your heart desires this year, and then everything that I want for you...! ;-)

*loves and adores you forever and ever*

♥ RR ♥
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...you remember this? :)

"My dearest Anna,

It has been 42 days now since I last saw you, 42 days of laying awake at night, wondering what you're doing, whether you're still thinking about me? 42 days of listening to gunfire and shouts and cries from what feels like just a couple of meters away..."

:)) was thinking of one of your emails starting so very formally with my name, 'cause you wanted to see what it looks like. And somehow remembering your salutation (that the word?) made me think of war and letters from the battlefields of long ago, as your name is just perfectly romantic for one of those! Very weird, actually, because I hate war movies with a passion, anything that shows people and animals in agony and grief freaks me out. Oh, we will have to, of course, make it a boy-to-boy correspondence! My name is okay, it can double up for male (we'll just remove the "é"), but we'll have to find you a new one... "

So it just seems fitting to hand you your present as follows:

"My dearest Anna,

You are hereby cordially invited to please join me at [livejournal.com profile] wet_dreams4anna. Your VIP pass will be waiting for you here.

Can't wait to be with you again.

Yours always."
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My love, tesoro, my gogga and hartlam… happy birthday!! I was SO hoping to have something beautiful for you to read, or at least polish my photoshop skills again in time to make you something yummy, but… :(

Of course there is ‘Hand me another olive’, and even though I’m waaaay behind on my nano word-count at the moment, the fic, and the idea, and everything that goes with it is all just yours! Maybe it’s better this way? You’ve got something to look forward to, and it will be like your birthday all over again when I give it to you in 2013! :D

Wish I could watch your gift-to-self QaF DVDs with you tonight, but we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: let me know what episode you’re on, then I’ll watch with you on this side!

Thanks so much for all your love, time, encouragement, shoulder, petting, giggling, your willingness to always make the most spectacular icons and banners for me, and the awesome beauty that is you. You’ve changed my life in so many amazing ways – all for the better!

Love and adore you, for always and always... and then some more!

*snags [livejournal.com profile] sunshine63’s camera to get her in front of the lens for a change*

*covers you with kisses all night long*

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happy, happy birthday, darlin'!

hope you're being spoiled rotten by your friends and family, and that they will adore and appreciate you more and more every day in the year to come! :D

psst... surprise! your gift-ficcie is being beta-ed, so it will be a day or two late. :D

*blows you kisses*
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happy birthday, sweetness!!!

may it be a fabulous day, and just the start of an even more beautiful year! thanks so much for all your comments, and encouragement of my obsessive madness brilliance, I appreciate it more than I can ever tell you!

*hands you balloons and streamers and lots of cupcakes*
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veels geluk, my engel!! mag dit 'n pragtige dag wees, en 'n nog mooier jaar! :D

thank you so much for all your love and support, always commenting and adoring me in spite of... *insert fucking long list here*

you're totally gobble-up-able! *contemplates...*

the requested birthday present isn't done yet, but don't worry, I definitely won't forget about it. LOL just not promising anything on the delivery date - but think of it this way, at least you'll be the birthday girl all over again when you get it!

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*throws streamers*

happy birthday, my sweets!!!!!!

may it be a beautiful day, and a fabulous year!!

[livejournal.com profile] herefordroad: thank you so, so much for all your love and support, for always commenting, and forgiving me every time that I don't reply. a while ago you asked for Brian and Justin, Bridge and clubs... ;-) hope you don't mind a belated birthday fic! I can't post it yet, for all sorts of reasons. :)

[livejournal.com profile] ryosato: hope you like your Tasty treat, pickles instead of a birthday cake... :D thank you for all your beautiful warm and fuzzy fics!
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from the inside

Title: Pickles and princes
Rating: R
Pleta: [livejournal.com profile] akintay, as always, no one has a more patient ear than you do! or more brilliance to sort out my madness!
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy, for sorting out all the tenses and chasing Tarzan back to the jungle!
Disclaimer: Playing with Cowlip and Showtime’s boys.
Summary: Emmett runs into a jar of pickles, and brings them over to the loft for dinner.
WARNING: Tiny bit angsty, with a RR ending.

’From the inside’ universe: It all started when Brian and Justin found each other again From the inside. Subsequently they couldn’t get enough of each other and suffered from Insomnia. They shared Fruit and nuts, before Brian got Caught, and Justin offered You want cream with that? The fucking got a bit out of control, which is when Justin begged Brian to Kiss it better. They finally made it out of the loft for a drink at Woody’s, where Emmett and Justin cornered Brian into Confessions. This got Justin so excited Brian had to call for Half-time back at the loft. Later that same week Emmett comes over for dinner and a discussion on Pickles and princes.

…his eyes not leaving the sunshine smile for a second… )
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yikes, three pretties on one day!!!

may you all have the most beautiful birthday EVER, just the start of a spectacular year!!

[livejournal.com profile] qafmaniac and [livejournal.com profile] sexy_pumpkin, I finally managed to update your gift fic Care package!!! Part 4 (here) is your birthday pressie - hope you like it!!!

[livejournal.com profile] kari77 I have definitely, DEFINITELY not forgotten about your Heat request. :D it's 'done,' as in being processed for final editing and prepared for beta, but I don't like what I've got so far. :(( which is why it's taking so long. :(( hope to post at least before my leave's up - that's next week Wednesday. doing my best, promise!
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My sweets, may you have the most beautiful day ever, every day a thousand times better, more awesome and fabulous than the previous one.

And most importantly may your muse never leave! ;-)

Thanks so much for all the joy and pleasure you’ve bought to my life, not just in the brilliance you write, but also as a friend, always sending me hugs and kisses!

*adores you*

*hands you tons of wrapped gifts, all ‘for your eyes only’*
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happy birthday, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

may your day be as beautiful as it looks like mine will be today (all blue skies and sunshine, perfect spring!!), and may it only be the start of an even more awesome year!!

thank you SO, SO much for all your support on my BJ obsession, it's what keeps my madness going! I'm a comment-whore, and it means everything to know you're reading, and enjoying, and smiling along. :)

fic-gift to follow... promise... :)

*steals some of your birthday cake*
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OH, I hope I'm the first to wish you happy birthday!!!! :D There are some advantages to being far ahead of the American time zones!

may you have an absolutely fabulous day, bright and beautiful, and may it only be the first of many!

hope you had a good holiday, and that work won't be a bitch when you get back home. :)

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happy birthday, honey!!!

you've had such a shitty year... *hugs you tight* may the worst day from here-on be only as 'bad' as the best day you've ever had, and may things get at least get 42 times better, ever day!

*hands you a cupcake*
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in your part of the world your birthday is almost already over, so it's not a 'hope you have a wonderful day,' but a 'hope you had a fabulous day!'

and may it be a beautiful year, with your every heart's desire fulfilled. :)

thanks so much for all your comments and support on my fanfics, means the world to know you're reading, and liking my madness. :)
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happy birthday, hon!! I think I might be a bit late in wishing you a beautiful day, and a year filled with lost of fun and laughter and sunshine - sorry about that! but I hope you had a fabulous birthday, nonetheless. :)

PS: we'll yell for help the moment we can get the boys to leave the hotel, and actually go out and experience some of Beijing! ;-)
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thank you for all the beautiful band-aids for my broken heart! may your inspiration for writing more and more awesomeness just continue to increase tenfold every day!

happy birthday, babe, and have a wonderful year!
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May you have a wonderful day, and a fabulous year, and may RL be a pleasure, always!
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happy birthday, honey!!!!!

may you have a pink-filled year, filled with lots of joy and all sorts of awesomeness!

thanks for all your hard work on the communities, may they each be a roaring success!
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may you have a fabulous year, and may your muse never desert or forsake you! ;-)
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happy birthday, babe!! may this year be filled with all the fabulous and beautiful fanfic you could possibly hope for! ;-)

*hands you a balloon*


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