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And in a good way!

I spend all of Friday shivering, because

[personal profile] wouldbedorothy send me some of her hottest recommendations… so, although very inspired, I didn’t do any writing! 

That, fortunately, changed Saturday morning, and while watching 307’s eye-fuck and 308 and melting every time Brian or Justin opened their mouths, even if they were just talking, I worked on my fanfic stories.

And it went so well that writing was all I did yesterday! Went to bed early last night, and I’m happy to say that me and my muse are both up, and feeling great this morning.

My cat, Patat (means “sweet potato” in Afrikaans – she picked it herself!), has just curled up under my arm, we'll be working on Purr-fect Love first. “Wolfram” in the story looks exactly like she does, he’s just ginger and bigger and she’s… oh, hold on, here’s a pic! Uhm… okay… 4.

Most beautiful little thing you've ever seen... she's BJ of the cat-world!

Once again… if you’ve been posting, and I haven’t commented it… please forgive me! 

But it’s awesome to actually want to work on my fics for a change, and if I don’t do this now, nothing will ever get finished. And I really, really want to have both my stories completed before the new year. If all goes well I should be sending a chapter on each of my fics to my beta today (head’s up, girl! lol).

I still have 9 days leave left, I will get around to the posts, promise. :-) Oh, and same goes for my updated-userpics project! :))

Patat 1
Patat 2
Patat 3
Patat 4 

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I found her. the love of my life. my mom came around and convinced me to just take a stroll around the garden again. cats, if they don't feel well, tend to crawl under the nearest bush until they feel better.

small huddle-up little body just staring at me. the irony is, I was pissing my eyes out when she didn't come home earlier in the morning, as in I think I had an anxiety attack for the first time in my life. it's not nice. I don't recommend it. finally got my hands on the... okay, let's call them sedatives, the pills that's suppose to calm you down a bit? took all 3, but it took another half an hour of agony before I could breathe again.

very weird feeling, being on pills like that. they toned down on the screaming in my head, enabling me to block all "what if's" again, and of course it doped me, couldn't keep my eyes open. so I took advantange of being completely out of my mind, and worked on my BJ stuff. I'm at my most creative when my logic leaves.

fortunately I was sky-high when my mom arrived, or she would have for sure took me to the place with the little white rooms. as it were I was so spaced out that I didn't even cry when I found her - and for someone that cries at little kittens just because they're sweet and adorable and beautiful, this was a complete personality-switch, which I was so very greatful for. never felt like it in my life, emotions under control for once. I must get more of those...

took her to the vet immediately and was for a change so grateful to hear her complain all the way over. at least she was still okay to tell me to fuck off, she's not going.

she's got tick-fever, so he kept her on a drip overnight. got a message last night that he said her fever is down and the dehydration looks better, and that overall she's doing well and I should be able to pick her up again tonight.

finally started crying again when I to my car, after having said goodbye and leaving her cringing at the back of her carrier.

3 pills, on prescription, lasted only about 3 hours. scary shit.

in other news: I've been writing again, currently musing over two, "The way it should be" and an as yet an untitled piece, written from a very unusual perspective! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, so much so that Part 3 for "The way it should be", which I have been struggling with for weeks, turned out last night to be so long that I'm going to split it into 2 parts. and yes... of course it's because of steaming, hot, smut scenes that turned out much longer than I planned! lol they should always take up at least about one page... lol


Untitled (because of the as yet unrevealed narrator):
Part 1
Part 2

The way it should be (what if Brian and Justin did make it to Vermont?)
Part 1
Part 2 



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