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Title: Tasty treats: Aroma
Author: Ridiculously Romantic [ profile] rromantic
Prompt: VERY late entry for ’42 minutes left’ at [ profile] boys4all
Beta: [ profile] wouldbedorothy thanks for kicking this one off the shelf!
Universe: ‘Purrfect’ love universe master list here.
Timeline: Ten years after Kinnetik’s opening.
Disclaimer: I’m just playing with Showtime and Cowlip’s boys

WARNING: Since it’s written for [ profile] bluemchenkaffee and [ profile] akintay, unsafe sex warning, and ridiculously romantic. But of course, yes.

…inhaling the scent he continues to fall more and more in love with every day… )
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Shades of cream
Banner made by the fabulous [ profile] moongirl24

Title: Tasty treats: Shades of cream
Author: Beam [ profile] beam_bj and Ridiculously Romantic [ profile] rromantic
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Beta: [ profile] wouldbedorothy who corrected all [ profile] rromantic’s mistakes
Disclaimer: I'm still fighting Showtime and Cowlip for custody.

WARNING: Silly. Eating cheesecake a la Kinney.

Brian, however, detests cheesecake, but only if it’s served the way normal humans eat it. If it’s plastered to Justin’s skin… well, that is an entirely different matter.

[ profile] beam_bj's community for all his stories about living with Brian and Justin, [ profile] purrfect_bj, is finally up and running!!
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Title: Tasty treats: Excellent taste
Author: Ridiculously Romantic [ profile] rromantic
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Pleta: [ profile] akintay thanks for doing all the thinking for me!
Beta: [ profile] wouldbedorothy thanks for the thumbs up!
Disclaimer: I'm still fighting showtime and cowlip for custody.

WARNING: Silly. You will NOT see this posted on any of the BJ communities! So read at own risk. :) But if you enjoy it, I would love to know it!

Timeline: Post 513, Beam the cat with Brian and Justin at Britin.

Author’s note: I wrote this many moons ago, after a couple of people on my flist told me their favourite things to munch on while watching our boys. My brain’s still frozen shut, I’m still on hiatus and hating every fucking moment of it, so this is as much to make you smile, as it is to tell me once upon a time I was able to think and string two words together.

Beam, to those that don’t know him yet, is introduced in Purr-fect love (here), AU set around 308, when Brian and Justin get back together, and Brian meets Beam the cat, who has become an integrated part of Justin’s life when he was with Ian, and has subsequently adopted Brian and Justin as his own from S3 to post 513.

I don’t care what the label says. I’m not eating it. )


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