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(Welcome to all the poor souls who joined my flist since the last time I spammed! *Note to self: remember to put warning on profile in 42 years time when I can access it again* I try to keep my subject lines descriptive, hopefully it helps in filtering my entries between the awesome, brilliant and excellent all must-reads.)

Thumpa (my plot bunny) had this stunningly brilliant idea to type all my posts off-line, and then close my eyes and pray to all the technology gods to allow me 5 seconds to get on-line, just enough to copy and paste and post. Which is why my running commentary on life, the universe and everything is back! Oh, doesn’t that just make your toes curl – don’t even think about saying it!! It had better be in the good way!!

I try to do the same thing with posting comments to fics.

Back to the important stuff: Urgh… got a text message from my brother yesterday, on a lovely Friday afternoon, saying “power’s just gone out at the airport. See you somewhere in March.” Uhm. This is now the same brother that lives about 10 minutes from me, and who I actually love to pieces.

My reply: “How terrible is it that I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about? Where the fuck are you going?” Him: “Hehehe… Russia and Austria.”

Blubber on life, the universe and everything continues )

Fanfic updates: Yeah for me!!! Send two and a half of the next chapters of “Purr-fect love” for beta yesterday! Am currently busy with the smut scene in the next chapter, which is going a bit slow… it just HAS to be better than “From the inside,” and it HAS to be making love, not just fucking. The emotion has to be in there as well. Same goes for “The way it should be,” the next chapter is also a healthy dose of slash. After that they’re heading for Vermont, don’t worry. :-) They are DEFINITELY ending up in front of a fire!

I just have to add here: wow… thanks so much for the overwhelming reply on “From the inside,” I was bowled over that it was received with so much enthusiasm! Uhm… no pressure for my next deliverables, hey? ;-)

Right. “Wasted” enough time, let me get back to work. Beam’s (my muse) hissing and spitting, him and [livejournal.com profile] akintay being seriously behind Thumpa’s idea for my third series, AU, called *drum roll, pull curtain back and reveal at last* “Rub me hard* and is getting impatient on finishing the current two.

Last one. Yes, I still have internet problems, but I’d LOVE to read your fic. If you’ve been posting, and don’t mind, please email it to me as a text file? If nothing else, feedback via email is better than nothing? :-) ridiculously.romantic75@ gmail.com, just remove the space after “@”.

Nou ja. Groetnis daai kant!

Have a good weekend!


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